Red Teaming

Manuel Geissinger

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Network Sec

Red Team & Penetration Testing

Full APT attack simulation

Testing your defenses in realistic scenarios
Hexagons showing a way to bypass security controlls


Targeted Attacks on any part of your infrastructure. Full engagement on a fixed set of rules.

  • right pointing arrow Deep research into current and past APT TTP and activity
  • right pointing arrow Simulating anything that could happen
  • right pointing arrow Blackbox attacks on your Web- and Mobile Apps
  • right pointing arrow Covert Ops including OSINT, HUMINT, Social Engineering, API- & Supply Chain Attacks
  • right pointing arrow Receive technical Reports you can utilize from day one

Not a purely technical test


Dragon For reconaissence we deploy our complete toolkit
Stage 1 includes OSINT, HUMINT & Code Review Malware Email Attachement
Arrow pointing down
Dragon We found a key for Stage 2, maybe a technical Vulnerabilty
Securing Foothold while your core team is asleep Malware Email Attachement
Arrow pointing down
Dragon At Stage 3 we've secured full access to your assets
Congratulations! We could have been the bad guys Malware Email Attachement
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Complete coverage on every vector

We are humans

We are humans, too!

"For over 20 years we had to defend against unknown threat actors. We know the Blue Team side and seek to help on painpoints!"

Redteam vs Pentest

A Redteam operation is a full blown attack simulation. Thereby we simulate a chosen (or random) adversary [group], use it's methods and the same IOCs that have been found at real attacks, to test your defenses. But we also offer regular Penetration Testing, pentesting single Apps as well as entire Windows Endpoints, Active Directory Landscapes, Linux Server Systems and Web Applications. We're deeply technical and with lots of experience, providing extensive pentesting to a moderate price. We also do Reverse Engineering of Windows and Linux Rich Client Apps, including Network Analysis (if applicable), down to binary fuzzing. Over 20 years of hands-on tech experience, OSCP certified.

Get the Pentest Report you need

Instead of the report that would have been nice. Our reporting thrives to make you more secure and not make you feel better (or worse), it's not meant to tick some boxes.
Three symbols in circular order represent the corner stones of our pentest reports
Cover image of example Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
We focus reports on practical value
  • Get insight on outdated parts of your infrastructure
  • All steps are documented for you to repeat the intrusion we made
  • We always add a recommedation section
Cover image of example Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
Visual quality is key to bring understanding
  • Our main priority is making you understand the issues
  • Attacks are illustrated using top notch graphics
  • Custom scripts & POCs used in attacks are well documented and delivered inside the report
Cover image of example Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
Human reports
  • Get statistics on employee responses
  • If the entry was provided by a human being, we will show how to avoid this kind of attacks using easy instructions
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"Doing a Red Team Engagement we find existing leaks, insider threats and real, active campaings. Yeah, that happens."
A flashlight shining on a few bugs walking by Even though it's an unintended side-effect, a Red Team Engagement will shine light in a few dark corners of your company arrow pointing downwards

Ethical Hacking is different

Desktop with open Bash, BurpSuite and VSCode showing a CVE implementation.

A pentest is not a pentest. Our engagements are driven by a real, active Hacker, not an automated scanner or an entry-level technician. Hacking not always means: breaking into a server. A large part of our activity is research, learning, training, testing of Web- and Mobile Apps and working out new CVEs, cause we need to be better than the bad guys.

  • right pointing arrow Just for you: Our goal is to get to know you
  • right pointing arrow Technical Edge Operations
  • right pointing arrow Set and forget: Once the paperwork is done you don't have to do anything
  • right pointing arrow Stay in control: Unlike at some competitors you can pause the engagement at any time
  • right pointing arrow Grow and learn with us