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Coding, Linux and Windows Administration, Endpoint, Server, Cloud
25 years of experience are waiting: ready to start... and finish!
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DevOps </> Heavy Duty Ops

In need for a specialist, a highly sought-off, well trained and deeply experienced hands-on keyboard warrior? That's me. There's few areas I haven't worked in. Born and raised with computers as my only friends in a boring german village, molded by startup company culture where the average project lifetime is shorter than the taxy ride to the airport, thrown into a world of security madness, made me who I am today. Yes, I can! I'm absolutely sure.

Custom coding on a professional level

We see a beautiful laptop and Visual Studio Code, a programming IDE.

We live in a world made of code. It's everywhere, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, often times it's insecure, frequently it needs refactoring, occasionally it lacks documentation. They say, code is a language, many languages actually. But that's not the right term. I write functional code, cause I like it better than object-oriented code. No, I never dreamed of code, that's a myth.

I can write code for you.

  • right pointing arrow Writing code is my oldest skill
  • right pointing arrow Scripts, Automation, Bash, Python, Powershell
  • right pointing arrow Most modern webdevelopment components, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, REST, JSON, YAML
  • right pointing arrow Focusing on security and best practices
  • right pointing arrow Infrastructure-as-Code & Serverless development
  • right pointing arrow Linux, Webservers, Plesk, Docker, Active Directory installation & configuration
Users and Groups
Firewall Configuration
Service Path
Environment Variables
Readable config files
Directory Listing

Consulting where it's needed

We can write code or reconfigure systems for you - but we don't have to. Sometimes the most valuable asset is an advice.

Known and feared for our brutally honest opinion on critical topics
Two thumbs, one up, one down
Our consulting activity usually involves deep research including technical tests
Server and magnifying glasses
Expertise means having experienced success and failure on the project level - and knowing the view backwards
Lab Experiment

Solutions, and one Architect

"I don't know how much code I've written in my life - but recently I started writing a book and it feels like a chat between lunch and coffee."

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