Linux Syscalls x86 /32bit and x64 64bit

This weekend I quickly crafted a page to get a good and accesible overview of Linux Syscalls. While studying on Pwn College it was sometimes difficult to find good & recent resources regarding assembly programming, shellcode development and all things binary / application pentesting.

Click here to get to my Linux 64bit Syscalls
Click here to jump to my Linux 32bit Syscalls

I’m happy the way the page works on modern desktop (>=1920×1080) displays, especially the sticky table header is godsent when scrolling through the long lists. But I still need to come up with a decent mobile concept and maybe extend the lists to arm (Android) and other systems common these days.Got a few more ideas, add some example shellcode, maybe a generator or simply documenting a few things I learn on Pwn College right now.

I will try to gather more resources regarding, as I said, there’s little on the internet that is correct, up-to-date and doesn’t look like it was created by 1974 webdevelopment standards – and spread or hidden in obscure places like page 17 of the Google results.

Binary exploitation became my new love since web application pentesting kinda is a bit boring and repetitive I found another world beneath. My next article will cover another more obscure topic, everything I learned about Unix Socket Pentesting and possible attack vectors including some demo code, which is exciting to say the least! 🙂


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