Storage Servers

A really quick one I made for my new website (as background image for the hosting page). It took me less than 2h with Blender and Cycles from scratch to finish. This image was featured on the pexels.com frontpage, yeh! 🙂 CC-0

4k rendering: Sky

Quick build with Blender and Cycles, to use as background image in the future. Remake of the album cover of 9980 by Connect.Ohm. Awesome ambient album by the way. Not overly precise, maybe I’ll re-render it. CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.


Made mainly for my website. CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.

Weird Architecture

I made this image from scratch to the final rendering in about 8 hours. I got very positive feedback, the image was shown on the cg-society forum and even printed in a Finnish Magazine as an example for what’s possible to render with Blender on Renderfarm.fi. There I also rendered a fly-up animation of the