Active Threat Intelligence

Manuel Geissinger

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Security Operations

Leveraging Intelligence Data

Providing countermeasures for each step in Adversary Attacks
Three symbols in circular order represent the cycle of a killchain event

Adversary Attack

Recon Arrow pointing right
Weaponize Arrow pointing right
Delivery Arrow pointing right
Exploit Arrow pointing right
Persistence Arrow pointing right
C2 Arrow pointing right
Actions Arrow pointing right


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  • Anti Information Disclosure
  • DarkNet Intelligence*
  • *Provided by 3rd party contractor
  • Social Network
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  • Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Continuous Security
  • DevSecOps Left Shift
Arrow pointing right
  • Warrior Training
  • Red Team Operations
  • Automated Attachment Detection
  • Network Setup Controlls
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  • Web Application Firewall
  • SIEM Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Hunting
Arrow pointing right
  • Continuous Log File Collection
  • Automated Executable Hash Comparison
  • Antivirus
  • Backup & Restore
  • Segmentation
Arrow pointing right
  • Network Flow Analysis
  • DNS Monitoring
  • TLS Check
  • IOC Databases
  • Blacklisting
Arrow pointing right
  • Filtering
  • Packet Analysis
  • Incident Response
  • Custom Queries

Network Sec Intelligence System

bad guy Samples from the wild
bad guy Guest Detections
bad guy Sandboxes & Lab machines
bad guy Incident Response Service Data
bad guy 24/7 Honeypot Findings
bad guy Public CTI Feeds
snake-like arrow pointing right Automate where possible
bad guy Automated Discovery
bad guy Accelerate your processes by Scripting
two long arrows crossing
directly connected to our client services
bad guy Senior Linux engineers will built along with your projects and monitor all access, code execution, user and web server actions
bad guy Our toolkit chain provides 100% visibility into all of your endpoints with only a minimum of system load. Your employes won't notice.
bad guy We integrate cloud-native security tools, identity access management and logging capabilities during your cloud transformation
bad guy Threat Intel & Incident Response Data provide future security building blocks
bad guy The results are true insights about ongoing events - whatever may come, you'll be prepared
Diamond Model

Diamonds are a Hunters' Best Friends

Analytics built from server and endpoint data Threat Intelligence driven by OSINT, IOC and Human Analytics Advanced correlation using public big data & internal sensors

Custom Reports That Shine

Information Protection needs to reach C-Level, Tech and your Suppliers. Built to understand.
Three symbols in circular order represent the cycle of a killchain event
Cover image of example Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
Most active groups this month
  • APT movements
  • Adversary intent
  • Most targeted industries
Cover image of example Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
Campaigns that could affect your business
  • Current Live Campaigns
  • Tactics Techniques Procedures (TTP)
  • Biggest Fallout of the month
Cover image of example Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
Technical Reports
  • How to prevent lateral movement in your environment
  • Cost of not-doing security
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"Working exclusively for high-value customers, ranging from finance, automotive, energy over gouvernmental to private VIP, I provide the highest possible level of discretion. That's what it means to me to be a professional, ethical hacker."
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Collecting server and endpoint data on a global sensor network

  • right pointing arrow Fast growing client network for Real-Time data
  • right pointing arrow GDPR compliant
  • right pointing arrow Centralized Log Collection provides additional incident safety
  • right pointing arrow Fully automated integration into a security network built by Hackers and Ninjias
  • right pointing arrow We learn with you and for you, to build an invisible security layer you can rely on